Working With Us

Working with Us

Bouchard Wealth Advisors takes a completely different approach when it comes to working with our clients and managing their financial affairs. We of course focus on issues such as planning for retirement or saving for a child’s education. While these are critical issues to say the least, they are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the needs and requirements of high net worth individuals.

Our advice is based on a deep understanding of a client’s entire situation – their financial assets, where they are with regard to their career, the life-stage of their family, and what is important to them within their community. Once we’ve developed a full picture, we can prepare a comprehensive and highly personalized plan based upon all of these elements.

We take a comprehensive approach to managing our client’s financial affairs, becoming personal stewards of their wealth, managing and advising them on all aspects of their financial affairs: investments, insurance, risk management, estate planning, or personal property. Bouchard Wealth Advisors can manage and coordinate all of these complexities, by either working with a client’s existing advisors, engaging outside experts we’ve worked with in the past, or identifying a new resource.

How We Build a Personalized Plan … Just For You

Take a little time to read more about how we build a personalized plan just for you, the types of clients we typically work with, and probably the most important issue on your mind, how your assets are safeguarded when you work with us.