About Us

Why We're Independent … a Note from John Bouchard

I’ve been in the business of helping people achieve their financial goals and realize their retirement dreams for a long time . . . more time than I’d frankly care to admit!

Having been an investor since 1962, I am instilled with the belief that everything we do as financial advisors is, and should always be, that which is in the best interest of the client.

More simply put, the client comes first. End of story.

When I first broke into the business as a Financial Advisor with Legg Mason, I quickly learned that this is a business about building relationships and establishing trust with clients. However, through the evolution and changes in the financial services world, and merger after merger, it ultimately became apparent to me that the big brokerage firms, of which I had become a part , had transformed themselves in a way that was disadvantageous to the individual investor.

So in December 2010, my wife and business partner Saundra and I decided the time had come to get back to basics and go back to a situation where we could always place the client’s interest first. We accomplished this by establishing our own investment practice.

Bouchard Wealth Advisors is a team of experienced financial professionals. Through our affiliation with Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, a registered broker dealer, and Mid Atlantic Financial Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor, our financial professionals provide investment advice and portfolio management to high net worth investors. Mid Atlantic uses National Financial Services (NFS), a Fidelity Investments Company, for its brokerage clearing and custody services. You can click here for further details.

This was a critical step for us and our clients. You see, this allowed us to return to a situation where we were once again free to offer our clients the best investment products and services that were right for them, not the ones that were best for the firm to sell. In fact, as investment advisor representatives of Mid Atlantic Financial Management, a Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to a fiduciary standard and are required to act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients.

And so, our clients can be confident that our advice is completely objective and free from conflicts of interest and that their assets are carried by a trusted third party – always.